Professor: Sergio Polansky, Musician and Sound-Therapist.

Music positively stimulates the moianod and generates a number of emotions whether that is sadness, nostalgia or happiness and what is more, it heals sicknesses.

Musical rhythm causes an increase of the brain motor cortix activity, emotions are generated and these in turn are transformed into chemical substances which are able to influence the immunological system and other body healing mechanisms.

Sounds and melodies help people control stress, neurosis, emotional blockages, and depressive conditions, and on the other hand, music favors and stimulates creativity, expressing oneself movement and relaxation.

Sergio Polansky has researched this and has become an expert in the therapeutical use of music and sound. He has developed his own way of music therapy integrating Eastern and Western knowledge, chamanic (ancestral aboriginal) traditions, harmonic chants, active meditations and sacred chants.
At present, he is involved in teaching healing and selfcare through private and group sessions in workshops. Participants learn in a fun way different techniques to use their voice in a better way, the existing sounds and music, achieving as a result great physical, mental and particularly emotional wellbeing.

Sergio Polansky, A.B.D. in Industrial Engineering, University of Chile, professional musician and therapist with musical studies in Tokio, Japan, was the founder and director of the Yamaha Music School and has performed in Chile as well as abroad. He has majored in the therapeutical use of music and sound in Colorado, USA. He has also lectured and offered Workshops in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. In Chile, he has been involved in selfcare programs in different institutions such as the chilean government Ministry of Health, private schools, universities, medical and rehabilitation centers.
He has recorded several works including music for children, sacred and popular music. He has also recorded music with therapeutical purposes.
His experience as a professional musician on stage has allowed him to develop a special sensitivity to be able to capture people’s musical needs as well to identify the best way to help them to use music to improve their quality of life.


This workshop is addressed to a person who wants improve his or her health and in general to people who suffer from any discomfort and/or pain no matter the source: hurt muscles, immflamatory conditions, chronic pain and others.

Mr. Polansky’s work is based on vibrational therapy principles and on the latest discoveries of the healing power of music, sounds and human thoughts.
He uses recordings and live music. He plays several instruments: keyboards, Tibetan metal bowls, crystal and quartz bowls, the Australian Didjeridoo, the Chinese gong, the African Kalimba and the tuning Pythagorian forks and others of the like.

The Workshop helps to activate in the participants the energy centers known as Chakras, speeding the body system restoration, strenghtening the immunological system when stimulating the self-healing mechanisms.


It is an invitation to get acquainted and explore to a greater depth the therapeutic and self-healing possibilities offered by music, sound and the human voice whose origin have been traced back to ancestral cultures.

The Workshop includes among other things:

  • Listening to different kinds of music and appreciation of it to realize the therapeutical effect.
  • Method and techniques to generate and self-produce healing sounds.
  • Balancing and harmonizing the energy centers called Chakras.
  • The Mozart Effect : experimenting Mozart’s music and its benefits.
  • Sound and Color relationship and therapeutical use.
  • Meditation and Awaring-Listening to be used as selfcare in daily life.

Practical tools are given which help expand the participants listening skills in order to prevent stress and depressive conditions. The Workshop is experiential and it is not necessary to have a musical background. It is best taught on an intensive weekend. Upon completion, a Certificate is awarded to the participant.


Sessions include a sound diagnostic, a body tuning, Chakras balancing and harmonizing, left and right brain hemispheres balancing. Professor Polansky uses his own voice and several therapeutical instruments such as Tibetan bowls, Quartz bowls, Bells, Gong, tuning forks and the like.

In addition, he does a sound massage with the Australian Didjeridoo going over the patient’s body to unblock and harmonize all his or her energetic system and then stimulating a pleasant and deep relaxation.

At the end of the session, Mr. Polansky gives participants special musical prescriptions and/ or advises exercises to suit personal needs.

As a result of these sessions, participants experience a great wellbeing, better self-steem and a much better mood.

Phone: 56 – 9 – 9231 3193 (cel phone, Chile)